No Tribe
Our Vision and Plan
A future worth living in requires leaders worth following. We develop these leaders and empower them to transform the cities in which they live.

Our Idea in 1 minute

Leaders worth following

Leaders worth following are the key to better institutions and a better future.

What are leaders worth following?

Leaders worth following are:

  • Humble - They are low-ego individuals that give credit to others.
  • Trustworthy - High-character people that can be trusted.
  • Dedicated to a worthy cause - They are passionate about a cause that helps others rather than money/power/status.

Why are they important?

So many of the world's problems are fundamentally caused by corrupt leaders or leaders acting selfishly.

Leaders worth following are the people that actually make the world a better place, and we desperately need more of them.

This is our tribe, and we want to build and support an international network of these leaders.

A network of ‘magical’ spaces

Magical spaces are places where just the right people come together in just the right way to have a much bigger impact than anyone would predict.

Magical spaces transform the lives of those that enter them.

No Tribe Academies

At No Tribe our spaces are called Academies, and an Academy is a cross between a social impact club and a leadership academy.

Each Academy has three main purposes:

  1. Create a remarkable community of support for leaders worth following
  2. Inspire and develop the next generation of leaders worth following
  3. Have a transformational impact on the city in which it resides

Our Pilot

Our long-term plan is to build a network of No Tribe Academies across the world.

This project is to open our pilot location in Mexico City. If the pilot is successful we plan to expand into the major cities in Latin America and then into cities around the world.

We have a lot to learn from this pilot, and undoubtedly the specifics of this vision will change, but we're committed to our mission of inspiring, developing, and empowering remarkable leaders.

Impact at Scale

We care about both the details and the big picture. We want our impact to be felt at scale.

How each Academy maximizes impact

At No Tribe hundreds of people have an impact that can be felt by millions. This is how we do it.

  • Create a physical headquarters for a movement - So many remarkable altruistic leaders are operating in isolation. They need to be inspired, mentored, and supported.

    They need to feel like they are not alone, but a part of a larger movement. This is what a No Tribe Academy represents. It is not simply a work space or a school or an incubator. It is the physical headquarters for a movement.

    No Tribe is the tribe for people that are looking to find others that are like themselves: trustworthy, humble leaders that are passionate about improving the world around them. It is where this tribe comes together to build friendships, have fun, and work alongside one another towards a common goal.
  • Create a pipeline of leaders - Leaders worth following are in short supply. We use a unique hybrid curriculum to maximize resources and train thousands of leaders at each academy.

    We help these leaders find jobs in institutions and organizations throughout the city, or help them start organizations of their own.
  • Coordinate efforts around common goals - We identify the most pressing needs in a city and select one need at a time to focus on. We then establish goals and milestones to coordinate our efforts, and all of our members work on this problem together.
  • Establish neighborhood leadership groups - The Academy acts as a headquarters, but we establish and provide funding to a network of smaller, local leadership groups. These groups meet regularly in coffee shops and homes, and they address problems at the neighborhood level.
  • Incubate and support local social impact organizations - We help our entrepreneurial leaders start new organizations, and we support and fund existing organizations that share our values and are operating with excellence.
  • Coordinate large social impact events - No Tribe coordinates large-scale social impact events that utilize all members and outside volunteers.
  • Become the epicenter for altruism in a city - We coordinate with local government and local organizations, and intentionally connect with as many community improvement leaders as we can. We are the nerve center of social impact efforts in the cities we are in.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for a grantmaker or investor that is excited about our vision and cares about maximizing impact more than profit.

The No Tribe Organization

No Tribe is a LLC based in the United States. We need funding in order to open our pilot location, but it is our plan to operate profitably without the need for additional funding.

Financing the pilot

At this stage we are only seeking financing for our pilot location. We have big ambitions, but we also have a lot to learn.

We are not interested in creating just another incubator, or just another school. We want to create something new and remarkable that inspires people and changes lives.

We want to partner with investors that are just as ambitious for impact as we are.

Leaders worth following are both humble and driven by an altruistic mission rather than money/power/status.

They are the key to better institutions and a better future.
Our Startup Plan

Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork

Our Team

We have a lot to do, fortunately our team has a lot of previous experience opening spaces like this quickly in Mexico City. We also have extensive experience managing these spaces, administering events/programming, and creating hybrid training programs.

Depending upon our funding amount, some members of the team will be added to the payroll (either full or part-time), and some will be paid consultants.

Recruit the first members of the tribe

We have already met with dozens of leaders in Mexico City, but once we are funded we will dramatically ramp up these conversations.

We use one-on-one meetings, community dinners, and other events to explain our vision and find a core group of leaders that are excited to help us launch No Tribe.

Find partner organizations

As we recruit students for our leadership training programs, one major draw is our ability to help them find positions in mission-driven organizations.

We will continue to reach out to organizations across the city for potential partnerships. These partner organizations will take part in speed interviewing events and other job placement programs.

Secure the space and open the Academy

We have determined our preliminary real estate requirements and have started to meet with real estate brokers.

Our goal is to open the doors within 6 months of funding. Fortunately our team has experience opening spaces like this on fast timelines.

Phase 2: Creating the Magic

We build remarkable communities of remarkable people. The energy, inspiration, and close relationships in each Academy is the foundation for everything else that we do.

The importance of energy and inspiration

In order to create something truly different, we need to build something that's attractive to the people that we're trying to reach. We want to attract remarkable leaders, and inspire people with the potential to become remarkable leaders.

For our target audience, as soon as they walk in the door they should feel these are my people, and this is the place that I want to be.

A place filled with admirable people that care about one another, have fun together, and work hard together towards a common cause.

Building a remarkable community

Energy and inspiration will come naturally if we can build a remarkable community of remarkable people. We want to create a place where members forge strong friendships and truly care about one another.

Creating this type of community is very difficult, but it is possible with commitment and attention to details. We will be relentless about getting these details right, because the success or failure of this project rests entirely on our ability to get them right.

If we can build a remarkable community of remarkable leaders, then this project will succeed.

We will be very careful about who we choose to be founding members, because these members set the tone for everyone else.

We will also make sure Academies provide all of the conditions necessary to build a strong community, which are listed below.

Phase 3: Training Leaders

Once our community is established, we will conduct our first leadership training programs.

Recruiting students

We will recruit students for our leadership programs from throughout the city. We will put special emphasis on finding students that do not have access to educational opportunities.

We will recruit our first cohorts of students through:

  • Our marketing plan
  • Events at the academy
  • Using our network of members and partner organizations

A unique curriculum

Our leadership programs have a unique approach that emphasizes:

  • Hybrid learning - Our courses will have a mix of online and in-person. This will allow us to maximize our available classroom space and scale the number of students we can teach.
  • Real-world projects - Students will not be learning about leadership in the abstract, they will be leading projects in the community in areas of need.
  • Relationship building - Our learning experiences are designed so that the students form strong relationships with one another. We want each student to have a close support system of peers.

Teaching and mentorship

No Tribe members help create our curriculum and teach each course.

We also have a mentorship program that matches students with members that will mentor them.

Job placement and entrepreneurial support

We help students that have completed our programs to find jobs at local organizations that we've partnered with. We do this through job fairs, speed interviewing events, and other initiatives.

For those students that want to start their own organizations, we allow them to work out of the academy, provide them with additional training and support, and in some cases provide them with funding.

Phase 4: Maximizing Impact

At No Tribe we are intentional about maximizing the impact that we have on the cities that we are in.

Our plans for impact are ambitious and we will likely have to adjust these plans as we discover what we have the capacity to accomplish during the pilot. However, this is our aspirational vision of what we hope to accomplish.

Coordinate efforts around common goals

Common purpose is one of the pillars of No Tribe. It is not enough to form a community of leaders worth following, we want to work towards common goals. This coordination maximizes our impact, bonds the group together, and helps communicate what No Tribe is all about.

As a group we will focus on one pressing problem at a time, and will establish goals and milestones to make sure our efforts are aligned.

Establish neighborhood leadership groups

The Academy is the physical headquarters for No Tribe, but we want our influence to reach outside of the city center. We will recruit leaders that want to be a part of No Tribe, but that want to establish their own small leadership groups with people from their neighborhoods.

These groups will meet regularly in places like homes and cafes, and we will give them a modest amount of funding to support their operations. They will address problems that they see in their neighborhoods, and will help us find high-potential individuals that are good candidates for our leadership programs.

Incubate and support local social impact organizations

We want to support local social impact organizations that align with our values and that are operating with excellence. We will set up a grant funding mechanism and give what we can to these organizations.

We will also set up a funding mechanism for our leadership program graduates that want to start their own social impact organizations. We will allow these organizations to work out of the Academy, and will provide additional support to them there.

Coordinate large social impact events

It is important for us to coordinate large events that involve not only all of our members, but non-member volunteers as well. These events will allow us to directly engage with the community in ways that are impactful, fun, and very visible. The events will be well-planned and well-executed, and will be an important recruiting tool for us.


Multiple scenarios

Our exact budget will be dependent upon our funding amount, and with larger amounts of funding we can be more ambitious with the pilot. These are the some of the factors that are adjustable.

  • Leasing arrangement - We can use existing under-utilized space on evenings and weekends, sign a revenue share agreement with a landlord, or sign a standard lease.
  • Space size and buildout costs - We can secure smaller or larger spaces, and can adjust how ambitious our buildout costs are.
  • Staffing - Our staffing levels are adjustable and will have a direct impact on the number of courses that we offer, and the scale of our programs.
  • Events and programming - Our events and programs will be a critical part of our strategy, but we can adjust their numbers and scale to fit our budget.

Budget for Pilot


Facility: $500,000 - $1,400,000
Staff: $400,000 - $800,000
Training Programs: $100,000 - $250,000
Grant Programs: $100,000 - $250,000
Events and Programming: $250,000 - $700,000
Other: $50,000 - $100,000
Total: $1,400,000 - $3,500,000


Memberships: $300,000 - $600,000
Training Programs: $500,000 - $1,200,000
Revenue Generating Events: $100,000 - $200,000
Total: $900,000 - $2,000,000

Funding Needed

Total: $500,000 - $1,500,000


Peter Elam - Founder

Peter ran the Digital Media Institute at the University of Texas for nine years, and is the co-founder of Diamond Tree, a leadership training platform.

His experiences in these roles provided the inspiration for what has become No Tribe.

Marco Barrio - Real Estate/Operations

Marco is the Founder and CEO of U-Co, a network of coliving spaces located throughout Mexico.

Patricia Cruz - Operations/Community Building

Patricia has managed the community and operations for multiple 1,500+ member WeWork locations in Mexico City.

Michael Minter - Creative/Marketing

Michael Minter is the Global Head of Marketing for DC Shoes, and is a master of all things marketing.

Manny Oliverez - Design/Online Learning Programs

Manny is a senior product manager at Amazon and provides deep expertise in design thinking and online learning.

You? - Advisor, Partner, Cofounder, or Collaborator

Does this project resonate with you? We are actively looking for collaborators.

If you have any interest in this project please email us at

Sources of Inspiration

No Tribe draws inspiration from many different spaces from across the world. Here are a few of them.