No Tribe is a place filled with energy, activity, and remarkable people. It has 3 main purposes:

Build a Remarkable Community of Leaders Worth Following

Every detail of No Tribe is designed to create an exceptionally close community of humble, driven, trustworthy leaders.

Inspire and Develop the Next Generation of Leaders Worth Following

No Tribe seeks out high-potential individuals, especially those with limited access to education, and helps them develop into leaders worth following.

Become a Headquarters for the Social Impact Ecosystem in the City

No Tribe members are a part of something bigger. We coordinate our efforts to transform the communities in which we live.
Build a Remarkable Community of Leaders Worth Following
We create an exceptionally close community of high character, low ego leaders that care passionately about worthy causes.
Transformational communities are extremely rare, but we're committed to the details that make such a community possible.
A community of remarkable leaders
It is our mission to find the leaders worth following in the city and to connect them with one another.
Peer encouragement and support
Altruistic leaders that were working in isolation find a group of peers to encourage and support them.
Awesome member events
Movie nights, costume parties, casino nights, community dinners... we know how to have fun together.
Energy and inspiration
The energy at No Tribe attracts and inspires the next generation of leaders worth following.

Ingredients of Community

The conditions that form close community are difficult to create. We aim to create them all at No Tribe.


Are in close proximity to one another

Repeated Interactions

Interact with one another over and over again


Are in vulnerable situations with one another

Striving Together

Strive together towards a common goal with accountability

Values Alignment

Share values that are important to them


Have a real commitment to the community

No Strangers

Know each other by name and care about one another
Inspire and Develop the Next Generation of Leaders
No Tribe finds and cultivates the next generation of leaders worth following.
No Tribe searches for high-potential individuals, especially those with limited access to education.
Leadership training
Our leadership training programs are where cohorts of students are developed and where they bond with one another.
Hands-on learning
Our students must lead their own community improvement initiatives as part of their curriculum.
Mentorship programs
We match younger leaders with mentors that provide them with help and guidance.
Job placement and entrepreneurial support
We help young leaders find jobs with worthy organizations, or help them start their own.

Build a Social Impact Ecosystem
No Tribe helps its members coordinate together to have a much greater impact than they could have on their own.
No Tribe uses several strategies to help a small number of leaders impact entire cities.
Nerve center for city improvement
No Tribe is a nerve center for city improvement. We coordinate with local organizations to address pressing needs.
Shared goals and milestones
No Tribe members have shared goals and milestones that focus our efforts on one problem at a time.
Neighborhood leadership groups
We create and support a network of small leadership groups throughout the city that address problems at the neighborhood level.
Large social impact events
We coordinate large-scale social impact events that utilize all members and outside volunteers.

The Space
No Tribe is designed to facilitate community building and collaboration.
No Tribe is an exceptional environment that enables exceptional community.
The Active Floor
A collaborative work area combined with an event space. Where the fun and collaboration happen.
The Quiet Floor
An area with classrooms, quiet workspaces, and meeting rooms. Where private work and classes happen.


Peter Elam - Founder

Peter ran the Digital Media Institute at the University of Texas for nine years, and is the co-founder of Diamond Tree, a leadership training platform.

His experiences in these roles provided the inspiration for what has become No Tribe.

Marco Barrio - Real Estate/Operations

Marco is the Founder and CEO of U-Co, a network of coliving spaces located throughout Mexico.

Patricia Cruz - Operations/Community Building

Patricia has managed the community and operations for multiple 1,500+ member WeWork locations in Mexico City.

Michael Minter - Creative/Marketing

Michael Minter is the Global Head of Marketing for DC Shoes, and is a master of all things marketing.

Manny Oliverez - Design/Online Learning Programs

Manny is a senior product manager at Amazon and provides deep expertise in design thinking and online learning.

You? - Advisor, Partner, Cofounder, or Collaborator

Does this project resonate with you? We are actively looking for collaborators.

If you have any interest in this project please email us at

Sources of Inspiration

No Tribe draws inspiration from many different spaces from across the world. Here are a few of them.

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