People need Community, Growth, and Purpose. Crossroads is a place where they find it.
Crossroads are multi-purpose spaces in beautiful older homes

They host 3 main programs:

Adult Education

During the day the space hosts a variety of high-quality adult education programs.

No Tribe Social Club

In the evenings the space transforms into a social club for people who want to connect to one another while improving the wider community around them.

Community Hub

The space hosts events and programs that support individuals and organizations that aim to have a positive social impact.
The first Crossroads will open in Mexico City in 2020
The Space
There is something special about the environment of an old home. Crossroads are both flexible and beautifully designed.
Crossroads are exceptional spaces that enable exceptional community.
Beautifully designed
Every room in a Crossroads is unique. We care about both the functionality and the emotional impact of each space.
A variety of environments
Crossroads have rooms both large and small. They have open spaces, and spaces designed for intimate gatherings.
Flexible and multi-use
Crossroads host a wide range of events and programs, so each space is flexible enough to support a variety of different uses.
Designed for community
Crossroads are carefully designed to make people feel comfortable and to facilitate community building.
Crossroads is an adult education facility during the day, hosts a new type of social club in the evenings, and is a hub that supports community-focused organizations.

Adult Education

We administer educational programs of our own, and we also partner with outside educational organizations that align with our values.

We care deeply about the design of our educational experiences, and our goal is to execute all of them with excellence.


  • Variety of programs - We offer a variety of programs such as language learning classes, professional development courses, coding bootcamps, and many others.
  • Focus on relationships - Our programs are not just about acquiring skills. We focus on building strong relationships between students, and on expanding their personal networks.
  • Part of something bigger - Our students are a part of the Crossroads community. We carefully connect them to other members of the community, and to our larger mission.

  No Tribe Social Club

No Tribe Social Club (NTSC) is designed to help adults find close community in urban environments, where it is especially difficult to find.

NTSC is not a social club for wealthy people. It is a club for people who want to connect to one another while improving the wider community around them.


  • Fun member events - We host a variety of events that allow our members to have fun together and to connect with one another. Examples include game nights, movie nights, dance parties, community dinners, etc.
  • Community improvement programs - Club members also plan and execute events and programs that have a positive impact on the surrounding community.
  • Larger public events - Periodically we also host larger events that are open to members of the public for free or for a fee.

Community Hub

Crossroads members are a part of something bigger - an intentional and systematic effort to improve the larger community.

We partner with other community organizations to have a coordinated positive impact on the surrounding community.


  • Large community improvement events - We host large community improvement events that involve many different community organizations.
  • Partner programs and events - We host the events and programs of our partner organizations at a steeply reduced cost.
  • Creative fundraising events - We host creative fundraising events such as casino nights and formal dinners.
  • Social entrepreneur support - We provide support for social entrepreneurs with accelerator and incubator programs designed specifically for them.

  Ingredients of Community

The conditions that form close community are difficult to create. We aim to create them all at Crossroads.


Are in close proximity to one another

Repeated Interactions

Interact with one another over and over again


Are in vulnerable situations with one another

Striving Together

Strive together towards a common goal with accountability

Values Alignment

Share values that are important to them


Have a real commitment to the community

No Strangers

Know each other by name and care about one another


Peter Elam - Founder

Peter ran the Digital Media Institute at the University of Texas for nine years, and is the co-founder of Diamond Tree, a platform for selling digital content.

His experiences in these roles provided the inspiration for what has become No Tribe.

Michael Minter - Advisor (Creative/Marketing)

Michael Minter is the Global Head of Marketing for DC Shoes. He is a creative wizard and a master of marketing.

Patricia Cruz - Advisor (Operations/Community Building)

Patricia is an extremely experienced Community Manager that most recently managed the Varsovia WeWork location in Mexico City.

At Varsovia Patricia oversaw the entire staff and managed all operations for a location with over 1,500 members.

Manny Oliverez - Advisor (Design)

Manny is a product manager at Amazon and provides deep expertise in design thinking and all aspects of user experience.

Jonathan Paulo - Advisor (Community Building)

Jonathan is a librarian at Harvard University. He gained special insight into building strong community as a staff member on 3 separate Semester at Sea voyages.

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No Tribe Pillars


Fostering close communities of people that genuinely know and care about one another


Pursuing personal growth and embracing accountability


Leveraging personal strengths and talents to improve the larger community in cooperation with others